Highland Herbie is a beautiful 1963 VW Beetle which was rebuilt in California in 2004 to his current replica status. 
His first owner after restoration was a Deacon from Huntington Beach, CA who had him for 3 years before he was imported into the UK in 2007 and went under the hammer at the famous historic and classic car auctioneers Coys of Kensington. 
He was bought by a Herbie enthusiast from Ayr who looked after and cared for Herbie for 4 years before he ended up here in Inverness in September 2011.

Our Herbie is based on the model used in “Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo” and is a close replica of the car driven by the actor Dean Jones in the 1977 Disney movie, including the rare Carello spotlight situated just above Herbie’s front bumper!

Herbie doesn’t have his original engine fitted,during the rebuild he got a nice new 1600cc engine

Some specifications for Highland Herbie

1.6-litre air-cooled four-cylinder engine with a 7.50-to-1 compression ratio.
50 BHP , and 78 foot-lbs.

With all this power, Herbie could do 81 mph if he wants to.